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Victoria Falls & The Zimbabwean Economy

The Zimbabwean economy is certainly facing serious challenges, not for the first time!

Being an international tourist destination of note, the town of Victoria Falls always escapes the worst economic woes of the rest of the country. It operates almost like an independent economic hub. Any shortages can be quickly met by easy access to Livingstone (Zambia) and Kasane (Botswana) just across the border. The many superb hotels and lodges function perfectly, shops are fully stocked and the tourism industry as a whole is flourishing.

The QuestZimbabwe team was in Victoria Falls recently (November 2018) and was impressed by the number of new tourism service providers including backpackers, pubs, restaurants and a brand new shopping mall. The town is buzzing!

The locals are warm and welcoming and the general safety of the town is reassuring. Vic Falls is a very special place!

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