An MTB experience like no other.

For the Curious. And the Brave.

in a single team.
MTB Teams
journey through African wilderness.
of scenic track & animal trails.
Professional Rangers
to accompany riders in the wild.
of camping in the bush.
at Elephant Hills Resort 4*.



  • Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.
  • This seven day programme brings together all the finest elements of Victoria Falls, the adjacent national parks and authentic African culture for the curious and brave rider.
  • The immediate environment offers rich wildlife experiences, cultural interactions and extreme adventures.
  • Quest Zimbabwe is a world-first mountain bike adventure that challenges even the most experienced riders.
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Please Note

For experienced MTB riders only.
  • It is not uncommon to encounter elephants, baboons, monkeys and warthogs in Victoria Falls town.
  • There are many risks associated with mountain biking and camping in the African bush.
  • The adventure days and nights may present lion, hyena, hippo, rh1n0, crocodile to name a few.
  • Riders will be briefed about the dangers and risks of the African wilderness and the precautions one should heed for survival.

The Route

Extreme. And Wild.
  • The QZ ops team has returned from Zimbabwe after having secured the overnight camping areas and ride routes for Quest Zimbabwe 2019.
  • There are some remote tracks that have never been visited by the wheels of a bicycle.
  • The route will comprise common and restricted gravel roads, jeep tracks and game paths (regular paths that wild animals use to move through the bush).
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Rough & Wild

Limitations & Considerations
  • This is a specialised mountain bike expedition into remote African bush.
  • No vegetarian or vegan meal options will be available due to logistical and supply chain limitations.
  • Rangers and support staff will remain vigilant during the nights to safeguard against risky wild animal encounters.
  • The wild camping nights reduce the luxury of ablutions. Eco-friendly solutions will be provided when standard western toilets are not available.
  • Professional emergency personnel will travel daily with the convoy of teams for rapid response.
  • Riders will be chaperoned by Professional Wildlife Rangers throughout the Quest.
Zimbabwean Tourism Authority
Endorsement and Support
The Zimbabwean Tourism Authority has endorsed Quest Zimbabwe to showcase the natural superlatives and cultural heritage of the country.
Zimbabwe National Parks
Route & Safety
This national department is actively committed to the establishment of the MTB route, encouraging community participation and ensuring the safety of riders and crew.
Economic Development
Staff, Services & Expertise
Quest Zimbabwe employs local citizens and businesses to provide the logistical support to make sure that the riders enjoy seamless hospitality and services from beginning to end.
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Full Programme

Area Map

USD 18'400

Team Fee

This fee includes the items in The Package. Each team will register its 4 riders. A rider may transfer their ticket to a substitute rider, should they be unable to participate for whatever reason.
  • Early Bird Team Fee is USD 17’000 – paid before 31 December 2019.
  • Registration for teams opens 5 December 2018.
  • A deposit of USD 4’000 will be required at the time of registration to secure the team’s booking.
  • Subscribe to our newsfeed for updates and a reminder to prepare your team for registration.
  • Ladies will have separate accommodation and ablution facilities for the duration of the adventure.